The Future of LED Lighting, Today
The Future of LED Lighting, Today
The Future of LED Lighting, Today


PowerEYE is a distinctly decorative, ambient lighting solution. The product integrates high power LEDs into the ultra-thin, low-profile, Eyeleds® housing, taking the first step to advance solid-state lighting technology from being purely decorative to a true ambient light source.


The product is available in two models, the 360 and 180. The PowerEYE 360 has a fully open lens that emits a 60° light beam, while the PowerEYE 180 has an eyelid-shaped, stainless steel lens cover that directs the light downward with a 45° light beam.

Due to its low-profile housing with a recess depth only 6.5mm, the luminaire can be installed just about anywhere.

The PowerEYE 360 is ideally suited for use in ceilings, under kitchen cabinets, display cases, book cases, recessed cubicles and more. The PowerEYE 180 creates a wall-wash effect when installed into vertical surfaces such as wall tiles, baseboards, stair stringers and walkways.


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