The Future of LED Lighting, Today
The Future of LED Lighting, Today
The Future of LED Lighting, Today

Outdoor Basic

Eyeleds® Outdoor Basic is an innovative range of outdoor surface lighting, driven by energy efficient and long lasting LED technology. The range consists of architectural, recessed walk-over landscape lighting, and is available in the round lens style.


Eyeleds® Outdoor is used as accent, orientation, marker, guide or night-lights in outdoor landscape designs, decking, pavers, tile, boat docks, piers, concrete sidewalks and driveways.

Eyeleds® Outdoor Basic, low profile LED light fixtures, install flush into most exterior surfaces. The fitting recesses into a 40mm diameter hole, drilled through the surface of the material. The fixtures are made of top quality materials and components that are resistant to corrosion and UV-radiation. The solid construction is engineered to withstand heavy use: walking or even driving over the lights is not a problem.



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