The Future of LED Lighting, Today
The Future of LED Lighting, Today
The Future of LED Lighting, Today


Eyeleds® Floorleds is a patented, easy to install, built-in walk-over lighting innovation based on LED technology. Floorleds are one of the first low profile, permanently installed, recessed residential and commercial LED floor lighting systems of its kind.


Floorleds provide ambient, orientation, marker and safety lighting in carpet, hardwood, laminate, (natural) stone and quartz flooring applications.

Floorleds are perfect for commercial applications such as restaurants, retail establishments, entertainment facilities, sport facilities, theatres, casinos or hotels. Floorleds function wonderfully as guide, accent or night-lights in stairways, lobbies, offices, conference rooms, walkways, elevators or at entrances or exits of buildings. The solid Eyeleds® construction is designed to withstand heavy use; walking or even driving over the lights is not a problem.


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